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EVOne Charging Pte Ltd started as a company with a vision to provide one-stop solution for all Singapore Electric Vehicles (EV) related needs in the market. This was at a time when the automotive market was still dominated by Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).

We started with charging station distribution. Over time, we improved our services by continuously sourcing for high quality charging equipment. We are now the distributor for a prestigious international charger manufacturer that has presence through their global charger projects. Our Chargers are reliable and have been put into numerous stringent tests and certifications to obtain the Technical Reference 25 (TR25) which are regulated by Energy Market Authority of Singapore (EMA).

Understanding the need in the market for Chargers Management platform software, we incorporated Platform management system to enhance and compliment the Chargers. This created a complete solution for our customers.

Late in 2019, we established an EV workshop which aims to provide EV owners a one stop destination for all their EV repairs and servicing needs. Our workshop technicians are skilled and have been trained professionally to handle EV repairs and servicing with safety precaution.

All these preparations have made us ready to participate in this electrifying period for the automotive market transitioning into the Electric Vehicle era.

Our Values

Focus on Customer's Needs

Targeted System Solutions

Quality Equipment

One Stop Turnkey Solutions

Value for Money

Our Solutions

EV Charger
EV Chargers

AC Chargers

  • Small, simple, and easy to install with lower electrical infrastructure demand
  • OCPP, Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, 4G, RFID Reader, OLED, IP55
  • For home owners with EVs, Car Park operators that wish to providing commercial charging services

DC Chargers

  • Fast Charging, supports multiple charging outputs & charging cable types
  • OCPP, Ethernet, 4G, RFID Reader, 7 inch touch screen, IP55, emergency stop button
  • For Commercial Charging operators, Mall operators, Petrol service stations

What We Offer:


  • Acquire valuable assets
  • Take control of your cashflow
  • Hassle-free usage of charger
  • Better piece of mind 

What We Offer:


  • Own one for personal or commercial use
  • Decide how you want to use your charger
  • Take control of your cashflow
  • Hassle-free usage of charger
  • Better peace of mind 
EV Charger Platform
EV Charger Platform

EV Charge Point Management

  • Active Monitoring and Auto Recovery of Charger
  • Provide Charger management tools
  • Hardware flexibility through OCPP standards

Smart Energy Management

  • Dynamic load management
  • Optimised EV charging (Charging Profile)

Mobile Application

  • Allow EV drivers to find available charging stations
  • Reserve charging stations
  • Start & stop charging sessions
  • Monitor charging status
  • Charging history

Billing & Payment

  • Set up complex price plans and tariff models (per kWh, per min, etc.)
  • Auto billing or charging sessions and receipt generation
  • Different payment options by credit cards
  • Allow campaign roll out using vouchers

Data Analytics

  • Visual Dashboard to display reports on different metrics (Energy (kWh), Revenue, User Behavior, etc.)
  • Data comparison across periods

EV Vehicle Repair Services
EV Vehicle Repair Services

EV Workshop Location

Our Mechanics

Professionally trained EV and car mechanics

Safety Knowledge

Able to handle EV repair with necessary EV specific safety knowledge and precautions

One-Stop Repair & Servicing Workshop

Provide comprehensive services (Diagnostic, Aircon, Tyres, Battery, Servicing)

Product Reference by Manufacturer

A total 22 pieces of 90kw single-plug type EV charger have been supplied by Nari Corporation for a Pilot EV Bus project initiated by LTA. This project contributes to the new energy infrastructure construction and development of the “Lion City”.

In this project, the EV chargers have passed strict tests of TUV SUD authority in accordance with the upmost rules and regulation by EMA. These chargers have been awarded with IEC and TR 25 certificates.

The charging stations were finished in 2019 and have been in operation for more than 3 years delivering over 8 GWH of power to the EV Buses and counting.

Our Customers

Go-Ahead Singapore
800 Super
Tower Transit

News and Media

EVOne Charging Supplies 105 EV Chargers to DHL Singapore

EVOne Charging is proud to be the supplier of 105 units of Siemens 7kW AC Chargers installed at DHL’s warehouses – the largest deployment of EV Chargers for commercial use in Singapore to date.

Along with the EV Chargers comes an EV Charging System that allows DHL to monitor the EVs’ energy usage pattern as well as help with allocating charging slots to the vehicles.

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EV Charger Servicing

Commercial EV Truck Charging

Commercial EV Truck Charging

Passenger EV Car Charging

Passenger EV Car Charging

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Charging Solution
Charging Solution
Charging Solution